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Wildlife Inventory

As part of the procedure of application for a decision on environmental conditions, it may be necessary to conduct a detailed wildlife inventory through a nature conservation specialist – a zoologist and/or botanist.

The duration of the wildlife inventory is strictly determined by the development of the land and surroundings of the area of the planned project. The authority in charge of the investigation by means of supplementations or a decision on the need for an Environmental Impact Assessment may specify the duration of the inventory for between 1 month and 12 months.

The character of the wildlife inventory prepared, including the methodology adopted, are determined by the head of the team of naturalists.

Results of Field Research

When conducting a wildlife inventory, surveys involving direct field observations and searching for species sites, are carried out. The findings are plotted on a map in the field. Based on the characteristics of the habitats, an assessment is made of the possibility of their colonization by protected species of animals, plants and fungi. The research consists of direct observations in the field, often by the sight method: searching for individuals, traces, tracks, listening for calls,

As part of the wildlife inventory, we conduct surveys on:








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Wildlife Inventory

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